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Facebook Pages is changing again

In Online marketing op 30-09-2015

Just when you think you’ve got Facebook pages figured out, they go and change them again.  Facebook has been busy rolling out changes to page layouts over the past week or so, however the updates are subtle enough that you may not yet have noticed them. To this point, Facebook has been rather silent on the matter; it’s only as the changes are actually being rolled out that we’re learning exactly what’s different and what’s staying the same!

While most page owners should now be switched over to the new layout, not all users report being able to see the changes – so even if a page has been switched to the new layout, not all users who view that page will necessarily see the changes. In case you can’t yet see them, here’s a great example of the old layout versus the new layout.

New Layout
Page title & category smaller and less bold font
Profile picture much smaller. Tabs again left, under profile picture
CTA button big and blue. Like en share buttons under the cover image.

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