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In Online marketing op 09-11-2015

Retargeting re-engage customers across platforms and devices.

Retargeting has been a breakout tactic since marketing made the shift from traditional trial-and-error programs to real-time programmatic campaigns.

As a user browses the web, the sites they visit and the pages they scroll through provide clues about what products and services they’re looking to purchase. Retargeting was one of the first tools that let marketers collect, analyze, and act on the customer intent data collected on their websites. With retargeting, marketers could analyze how a customer interacted with their site, identify that customer’s objective or product preferences, and use programmatic ad buying to serve them content accordingly.

Retargeting technology was originally billed as the best way to win back shopping basket abandoners, but recently retargeting has been drafted into other functions:

  • B2B brands use retargeting to run content marketing campaigns, increase lead generation, and execute lead nurturing programs. Educational organizations use it to build awareness among potential new students.

  • Retail brands use retargeting to increase customer lifetime value with loyalty campaigns and re-engage with registered site visitors.

  • The number one marketing objective of retargeting is brand awareness (60%), followed by driving sales (57%) and customer retention (51%)

  • European marketers say social media is the single hottest topic in retargeting-1 in 3 claim paid social is a best-performing marketing channel.

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