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Scocial media trends

In Online marketing op 27-04-2017

Sociale media trends

How social networks will evolve in 2017


Moments in time. Customer experience and service. Twitter will focus on being where consumers go to experience, create, and report on moments in time. From cultural events to breaking news, Twitter’s focus will be on real-time moments. Businesses will continue to use Twitter to create shareable customer experience moments, increase loyalty, and quickly serve their customers on social.

Facebook: Driving conversions. Social marketing.

Facebook will remain the top network marketers use to drive conversions from social. But businesses know they need to pay-to-play on Facebook. With the success of Facebook Live and new features like Facebook Marketplace, expect to see more opportunities to advertise as well as a continued push for social commerce.

Instagram: Brand awareness. Community building and discovery.

In North America, Instagram hasn’t been as successful as driving purchases as Facebook. But as retail brands such as Warby Parker and Kate Moss show, Instagram works well for brand awareness and engaging your community of customers, advocates, and supporters. Brands will come here to inspire customers and fuel social discovery of new products and services.

Snapchat: Content distribution. Audience engagement.

Snapchat has matured as social marketing channel. But there’s a greater focus on content than other networks. Brands such as MTV, National Geographic, and Vice have been successful at using Snapchat to distribute content. Universities have been using Snapchat to engage students on campus. And celebrities are rewarding their fans with special content, exclusive access, and fun visual experiences.

LinkedIn: Content platform. Social selling and peer-to-peer influence.

With the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft in 2016, expect LinkedIn to continue to invest in their content platform as they try to become the single place professionals go to stay on top of things happening in their network, industry, and profession. LinkedIn will also invest further in social selling, helping sales teams tap into the power of peer-to-peer connections in LinkedIn. This means LinkedIn isn’t where brands blast messages. But rather where your content has to spread through your workforce—shared by sales teams, amplified by employees.

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