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Content Marketing

In Online marketing op 18-01-2014

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation of quality brand-centric written content which can spread across all potential media channels and platforms. This content development will create and build relationships between providers and their customers. This content strategy becomes a measurable success as it raises consumer value of the product they are partaking of. In the past this term has been referred myriad ways: branded content; branded media; corporate journalism; corporate media; custom media; custom publishing; customer publishing; and private media. The names may have changed, but the idea stays the same. Businesses have to engage their clients and build a relationship with them. Building trust in this relationship is the difference between the clients passing on when it comes time to make a purchase.


Content marketing is gearing a product towards the customer. Generally, customers do not care about the corporation they are dealing with, instead they are concerned with their wants and needs and whether the corporation can fill those needs. If a business can create interesting information that the customers are passionate about, the customer is more likely to care about what the business has next to offer. Internet users are constantly looking for new information and they patronize the websites which can provide this information. Sometimes these sites are generally not selling a product, but rather the advertising to companies seeking new viewers. In this case the visitors are the product and they need to be interested to keep coming back.


We know that search engine optimization is critical in this day and age and Xtra specializes in hitting the right keyword percentage and knowing which keywords the buyer needs. Content marketing is king and Xtra Digital Agency helps you produce content which is engaging, easily shared and easily socialized. We have video product, brand content, animation, photography and more.


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