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In Online marketing op 28-02-2014

With over a billion people using Facebook, it is the new frontier in
advertising. Facebook may have started as a place to connect with long
lost classmates, coworkers, family members and friends, but now it is
the place to go for businesses. Facebook ads are a hot commodity. Ads
reach across cyberspace directly to the people who like similar pages
to the one being advertised.


 Facebook apps are constructed by entrepreneurial programmers looking
to make their mark and find sponsorship for their programming passion,
or whom are looking to accumulate cash in other ways through special
app purchases. Facebook mobile ads entreat the portable generation of
Facebook capable devices, like tablets, smart phones and the like.
Effective Facebook marketing covers these areas and more.

 Facebook marketing relies on a brand. This brand has to be strong
enough to stand out to the people who will see it for a few moments
then move on. Part of building a brand is to keep the face of the
company clean on Facebook. Any comments posted should avoid the kind
of image which can be looked down upon by potential customers.
Basically this means, play to the audience. If marketing to a group of
snarky hipsters, the page may want to convey a similar snarkiness in
their posts. On the other hand, ads for a Christian singles site may
want to keep things wholesome and wholly positive.

 A brand can be built a number of ways. Including a "Like" button on
a website means a business can benefit both through use of their
website and through Facebook. People feel more connected to a business
they can "Like" and interact with on a semi-daily basis. Using photos
can attract 50% more attention and "Likes" than a simple status post.
These kinds of posts bring Facebook marketing to a whole new level.

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