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Tips voor email marketing

In Online marketing op 14-03-2014

E-mail marketing is an important tool for selling your product or service. 66% of marketers indicates e-mail marketing as ‘very important’ when it comes to Return On Investment (Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census). Noteworthy, 61% of the marketers indicate that their email marketing is insufficient.

We will provide you with 5 tips for making your email marketing campaign successful.

1.    Be personal

It is very important to remain personal when it is about Email Marketing. For example, by using personalized subject lines and adding the senders’ name. Adding the location can also pay off. Research has shown that emails in which the recipients are addressed by his/her name do perform the best. Personalized email signatures do also help; the amount of emails opened increases with 5 times and the click through rate could increase with 3 times.

2.    Attract attention

The subject line is very important by Email Marketing. A direct and descriptive subject line can make sure that your emails will be opened more often and therefore will be deleted and ignored less often. The use of a catchy headline is also important; it encourages the receiver to read it. A catchy headline is even more important when the email is opened on a smartphone, because this headline will be the first piece of text seen on the smartphone. Furthermore, dividing the text into short paragraphs is also important, since it facilitates scanning the text. The power of postscripts is often underestimated. A PS at the bottom of your email attracts attention and will therefore be read more often.


3.    Make it social

Email is still leading when it comes to traffic, but is closely followed by social media, which is growing very fast. Why not combine email and social media? The ‘socializaton’ of an email does not just mean adding ‘like’ buttons, but also involving your email content. Conversions can be increased with 50% when the content is shareable. The click-through rate can rise by up to 158% (GetResponse).

4.    Be timely

In a recent marketing research, 86% of the participants indicated they expect companies to know what interests them, so that there can be communicated more effective. The timing of sending emails is of great importance. For example, emails sent in the weekend are read more than emails sent at any other time during the week, which could result in a click-through rate of 25%.

5.    Think mobile

In 2013, more emails were opened with a smartphone than on a computer. It is therefore very important that emails are mobile-friendly.   In a recent survey by Forbes, 63% of the American participants indicated that they will close an email immediately when it is not optimized for mobile users.

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