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New Facebook Design

In Online marketing op 17-03-2014

Facebook design

New design.

Facebook has started implementing a new design. This new design makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for and makes it easier for administrators to find the tools which they use the most often.

The new timeline design. 

In the left column of the timeline, information about the company can be found. This information includes the address, a link to the homepage, opening hours, phone number, photos, videos and the number of ‘Likes’.  In this new design all postings are displayed in the right column of the Facebook Page. This is similar to the personal Facebook pages. Wherever you are on your Facebook Page, you can now view information about your running advertisements, the amount of ‘Likes’ on your page, notifications and unread messages. Furthermore, a number of new navigation options are added.

Pages to Watch

We consider the new feature for administrators ‘ Pages to Watch’  as the most interesting new feature. With this feature, administrators can create a list of competing Facebook pages and compare them with its own Facebook page. With the use of the ‘Overview’ tab, administrators can view the most important page statistics. Furthermore,  the most viewed posts of those Pages you are watching can be viewed using the ‘Posts’ tab of Page Insights. 

More information: Facebook design

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