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In Online marketing op 10-04-2014

You have put time and effort into creating your own website. You have decided on the product, service or information that you will be selling or providing and you think you are good to go. The only problem is you aren’t getting the levels of traffic visiting your site that you want. Everyone knows that the success of a website is based on the number of people it attracts – particularly if you are trying to earn a living from that site.
So if you want to improve the visibility of your site, reach a wider audience than before and increase profitability a search engine marketing (optimisation) agency, such as the Xtra Digital Agency can help you.

Who needs Search Engine Optimisation?

Many website owners will rush into setting up a site, filling it with content they think is suitable before they look at how it will perform in terms of search engine optimisation. This is where a lot of businesses or website owners will fail. They forget that you have to please the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) in order to get a good ranking on searches. In other words, if you get your SEO (search engine optimisation) wrong your site won’t be seen by many people and you will lose money. This is where an SEO services company can be invaluable to you.

So in other words if you are not an SEO expert and your site has not been reviewed by a search engine optimization specialist you need a little help. That is where a good SEO optimization company can be the best people to turn to.

How can a Digital Agency Help?

When you use an SEO agency, such as the Xtra Digital Agency they will take a look at your site and make recommendations based on what they find. These recommendations can include:

  • Better use of keywords for the text that will be on your site. This is one area that can really let you down. To have a successful website your content needs to be well written, totally unique and of course feature your keywords.

  • Changing meta tags and other information on your site to make it more attractive to search engines.

  • Content that is more reflective of what you are trying to promote which also uses your keywords.

  • Improved use of social media to extend your potential audience reach even further. This is one key area that many website SEO services are being used for in increasing numbers.

  • Ideas on how to change the conversion paths on your site to make people more likely to make a purchase.

  • Changing the layout of your site so that it is more user friendly.

In order to provide you with these recommendations professional SEO services will analyse your site in detail. From this they will be able to pinpoint the areas of your site that can be improved for better search engine marketing.

Is it Legal to use a Search Engine Optimization Expert?

Everyone wants to know that they are using white hat SEO marketing methods to stay within the ‘legal’ guidelines of many search engines. These are the methods that have been accepted as good practice in terms of website search engine optimization. If you use black hat methods you will be buying your website a one way ticket to being blacklisted and not appearing on any rankings. So if you want to ensure that you are doing everything right and creating a site that uses white hat methods you can certainly use an online SEO company or expert.

So yes, it is totally legal to use an expert or company to assist you in creating a great website that will attract plenty of visitors.

Will my Traffic Grow Organically?

When you decide to use an agency to deal with your search engine optimization you will find that your traffic will grow organically. This is exactly what you are looking for when you want to succeed online. If you use black hat methods, as mentioned before, your traffic will not be organic. This will make alarm bells ring on search engines and you will find that your site drops down the ranking like a stone. By using the services of a search engine marketing optimization company you will see your traffic grow naturally, which will boost its ranking even further.

Will SEO Increase my Profits?

If you hire a professional company to look into your website search optimisation your profits will increase as your site will be seen more. Obviously, the amount of profits you enjoy will be based on what you are selling or promoting, but your profits will increase. As more visitors arrive at your site you will see them being converted to customers – providing you have a great conversion path – something that your agency can help you with.

So if you want to increase traffic and profits and have not had an expert take a look at the SEO of your site it’s time you did!

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