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Tips LinkedIn marketing.

In Online marketing op 14-04-2014

LinkedIn marketing tips

LinkedIn is a fast growing social network website. We will provide you with some tips for boosting your LinkedIn marketing.

1.Optimize your LinkedIn page

LinkedIn sends four times as many visitors to the homepage of your website than Twitter and Facebook do. Traffic coming from Twitter and Facebook is often directed to internal pages such as blog post or a resource page. 64 percent of the traffic coming from LinkedIn lands on the homepage. This percentage is significantly lower with Twitter and Facebook, 14% and 17% respectively. Knowing this, it is important to optimize your LinkedIn page with consistent messaging that makes sense for visitors who are clicking on LinkedIn on the link to the homepage.

2. Post during the weekdays; in the morning and afternoon

If you want to reach a large audience, it makes sense to post when the most people are around. Most people are online in the morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday. Therefore, we advise to keep in mind those times when you are posting your updates on your LinkedIn page.

3. Post at least 20 times per month

Research has shown that posting 20 messages per month can help you to reach 60% of your unique audience. The more messages you post, the more people you will reach. But there is always an audience that you  can’t reach; this because they never log on. It is advised to post more than 20 times per month when your content supports to do so.

4. A status update reaches 20% of your followers

It is generally true that a single post will reach 20 percent of your followers. Whether this is a large audience depends on the number of followers you have. Do you want to reach more followers? Update your LinkedIn page more often!

5. Your own employees

In general, your most engaged followers are your own employees; they are 70% more likely to click, share and comment your update than the other LinkedIn followers. For getting your employees engaged, it is advisable to send them notifications every time you have a new post.

6. Optimize your engagement percentage

Take a look at your engagement percentage of your LinkedIn page to get an insight in the visitors of your LinkedIn page. The engagement percentage includes number of interactions, clicks and followers. The engagement percentage tells you how many people were truly engaged with your update.  It also tells you in what ways your LinkedIn page can be improved.


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