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Outsourcing social media?

In Online marketing op 07-05-2014

Outsourcing social media marketing campaign?

Xtra Digital Agency offers a variety of digital services; from web design and web development to SEO and social media marketing.

Nowadays, being on the internet with your business is not enough anymore to be successful online. Social media has become a important way to communicate with your (potential) customers. Businesses that are not active at social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Social media platforms can be used for:

  • Increase brand awareness through appearing on websites with millions of users worldwide;
  • Strengthening the relationship with current clients through constant communication and assisting
  • them with their needs;
  • Inform your existing and potential customers about your products or services;
  • Increase your information reach by making your data shareable.

Businesses can increase sales through being active on the social platforms. There is a big difference between using social media for fun and using social media for marketing goals. A lot of business owners do not know how to set up effectively their online media campaign. You can fill this knowledge gap by outsourcing your social media marketing campaign.

Social media marketing includes a variety of activities. Your  website design has to be optimized for social media objectives, engaging content and visuals are needed to attract (new) customers and your page has to be analyzed for further optimizing your website.

Optimizing website.

Xtra can help you with optimizing your website for social media sharing. A website that has been effectively search engine optimized can direct (potential) customers to the accompanying social pages. 

Content is king.

A key component of a successful social media page is creating and sharing content which engages fans and followers. The content experts of Xtra Digital Agency can help you with writing engaging content for your business.


Another key component for a successful social media campaign are visuals. Visuals are a strong representation of your brand and reflects what your business stands for. Visuals also help people to memorize your business.


Analyzing a social media campaign is more than just looking at how many ‘likes’ the page has.There are a lot more factors which determine the success of the social media campaign. Xtra can help you with analyzing your social media campaign and improving your social pages.

Contact Xtra Digital Agency for more information about outsourcing your social media campaign!

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