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In Online marketing op 09-05-2014

As Digital Agency we believes that great content makes the difference.

We provide as a Digital Agency high quality content for all forms of digital marketing:
- SEO services; seo copywriting

- Content Strategy
- Website Content writing

- Social Media Content writing

- Analytics and Reporting

Content Strategy

Effective content marketing starts with a tailor-made content strategy. Creating a content strategy is much more than just a SEO analysis and recommendation. Content strategy starts with learning more about your business, products, your goals and your target audience. Then we set up a content strategy, which is tailored to your situation and communication needs. 

Website Content

Nowadays, well-written relevant content is essential for more online success.  Search engines love unique and fresh, well-written content. Having strong visuals is very important, but the words you are using can make the difference. The experienced Digital Agency SEO copywriters create a balance between visuals and relevant content. We provide you with high-quality content according to the latest SEO for getting the best results out of your website or web shop. With content marketing, the use of the right words is crucial. Writing content starts with keyword research.

We research your market to find out what the most relevant and converting keywords are. It is important to incorporate relevant and commercial intended keywords for an optimal SEO performance. We will provide you with high-quality relevant content, which is naturally engaging and user-friendly.  As a result, your organic search results will improve so that your website will be found by your potential customers.

Social Media Content

Doing business in today’s world means interacting with your audience on a consistent basis. Your audience expects you will answer their questions, that you are listening to their needs and that you will deliver important information about your products and services. Facebook, Twitter and other social media content only works when the content is up to date. The social media professionals of Xtra Digital Agency are ready to help you with your social media content and social campaigns.

Content Marketing Reporting

Xtra regularly reports on the performance of the content marketing campaign of your business. We track your website and social media results and use those results for improving your content marketing campaign. Xtra monitors your online performance with the use of reliable tools.  We will provide you with a easy-to-read summary of your performance on a month.

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