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In Online marketing op 29-05-2014

How Social Media Marketing Campaigns Can Help Your Business. Gaining attention through the use of social media websites is the fastest way to receive feedback today. This, in turn, makes it possible for individuals and business organizations to act promptly. In fact, social media marketing services have allowed companies to interact directly with customers and build relationships closer than they would have through face-to-face transactions.

We all know how then Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s consistent presence in social networking websites worked to his advantage when he was on his 2008 U.S. presidential campaign. Hiring a social media agency to handle and manage his Facebook and Twitter accounts to update his profile page, photos, etc., Obama was able to interact directly with his followers through their email addresses and ask for their donations as well as their votes.


A company or business that joins a social media website encourages prospective buyers to experience personal interaction and convinces them to try out a new service or product. Facebook advertising for a pair of summer dresses, for instance, tends to attract more viewers because they are “liked” by friends, families, co-workers, and other associates of the user.

Social marketing campaigns focus on attractive and interesting content that encourages viewers to share the service or product being promoted. The so-called “eWoM” or electronic word of mouth approach emphasizes the significance of statements from consumers who share them as instant messages, tweets, and news feeds.

Earned Media from Reposting and Retweeting

These statements about services and products usually translate to events and when they spread from one user to another, the messages they convey resonate more because they come from trusted third parties. This new strategy of marketing is known as “earned” media rather than “paid” media or traditional advertising.

Social media marketing companies take advantage of websites and blogs which enable followers to repost or “retweet” made by a service or product that’s being promoted. This repetition allows all connections of a user to see the original message and the responses/comments to it. Each connection then creates his or her personal post regarding previous posts which often get another round of responses/comments.

Purchasing Signals are Now Detectable

The cycle goes on and on and eventually translates to traffic driven straight to the company’s service or product. Companies get the opportunity to reward the loyalty of their customers through a social media campaign since they can choose whom to follow exclusively on these social media sites. And by doing so, companies can narrow down their target markets more easily.

Not to mention the constant interaction which companies can access 24/7 to encourage potential customers to try or purchase their service or product. Social media outsourcing has become convenient as well for companies who have tight budgets; in hiring marketing specialists who use the new semantic analysis technology, purchasing signals are now detectable based on shared content and inquiries posted online.

Social Media Marketing through Mobile Phones

Another tool which a social media expert uses to effectively market a service or product is the usage of mobile phones. Prospective customers are notified in real time of events on social networking websites through text messaging. This readily available connection to networking sites allow companies to update or remind followers about the essential uses, latest features, new capabilities of whatever service or product they are selling.

Recently, in fact, companies have taken to putting several QR codes with their services and products for smart-phone users to have access to their websites and online services. “Engagement” in this context is fundamental to a successful marketing campaign. Customers are now active participants instead of merely viewers in a company’s marketing department as other consumers are informed of their reviews, comments, and suggestions because of these social media services.

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