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In Online marketing op 11-06-2014

As An Effective Tool For Marketing
What is known as social media optimization (SMO) is actually a form of search engine optimization (SEO) done in social media. This social media strategy involves the implementation of several changes in the social account and website of a business or organization to make content in both more visible, shared, linked to, and liked through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social media optimization that is built solidly improves a company’s SEO performance as well as its organic rankings in search engines. Because quality content writing helps drive traffic from search engines, sharing, and social websites, a company or business acquires leveraging power over social sharing to gain effective benefits for their websites.

Why Social Networks Have Become Crucial to Marketing

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter drive millions of viewers and visitors to different websites daily. Facebook, for instance, has around 1.4 billion users, 98% of whom belong to the age bracket of 18 to 24 years old. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research, companies that use social media, which includes social media advertising, actively reach over 73% of adults who have internet access.

Statistically, the estimates for usage of social media cover over 3,000 pictures that are uploaded every minute to Flickr, 190 million of tweets uploaded on Twitter every day, and over 70 billion of content pieces that are shared every month on Facebook. Only an excellent SMO strategy can give a company or business the edge to beat the plethora of competitors making their brands visible and accessible through social media networks 24/7.

Benefits of SMO

Here are some reasons on why SMO can be beneficial to a company or business:

  • Potential customers without any connection to an online business or company brand are less trusting than those who are Facebook users with some connections with the same online brand.

  • A company or business that regularly uses social media for six or less hours a day can see an increase of as much as 64% in lead generation.

  • As a tool of social media marketing, SEO is able to generate an increase in exposure for the company or business.

  • Around 62% of social media marketers have reported an increase in their respective rankings in search engines through their utilization of SMO.

  • Coming up with a solid SMO strategy results in better communication between a company or business and its customers to achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Social media is a convenient opportunity for a company or business to promote its product or service on a repeat exposure basis to shorten sales cycles and prompt purchase action.

Outsourcing your social media?

Budget cuts in businesses or companies may require social media outsourcing

instead of committing the personnel and time in the management of social media operations. External sources for social media experts come into play when this is the more suitable option for a company or business.

Xtra helps marketeers to find new ways to reach consumers.For a fixed monthly fee, Xtra will take care of your social media campaigns, including content management. As part of our unique service, we will develop and apply various designs for you. Tailored to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Xtra develops social media apps for online promotions for Like and Share campaigns, contests, sweepstakes or other interactive promotions. Social media is all about the content that triggers conversations and keeps those conversations alive. Xtra will draw up a yearly plan and determine what type of content to launch, and when.

Spreading the news

Very few people have the ability to reach critical mass without an army of supporters. Xtra develops a CRM, newsletters, links to website, signatures at the bottom of e-mail addresses. In addition, Xtra often runs small media campaigns on Facebook or LinkedIn to build a community quickly.

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