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In Online marketing op 08-08-2014

No matter what size your business is – small, large, somewhere in between – if you are reliant on the traffic generated by your online presence for your sales or marketing then you will need to either master the ever-changing rules and principles of search engine optimization (SEO) or hire the services of an SEO specialist.

Among other things Xtra Digital is a qualified Search Engine Marketing (Optimization) Agency and our experts have put together these tips to aid you in your search for the right SEO professional.

How many years of SEO experience does this ‘expert’ have?

Thanks to the power of Google, YouTube and the ever expanding online world it is possible for anyone to learn anything they need to know about just about any subject it is possible to imagine. SEO is obviously an extremely popular subject thanks to how important it is to get great Search Engine Results Page Rankings for your business, your website, your products and services and any form of online marketing you choose to utilise.
Every website needs different SEO tactics in order to succeed in its niche and any SEO expert worth their salt will know that using the exact same tactics for every single one of their clients is unlikely to have any effect on the rankings for that site.

Do they understand all three elements of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is comprised of three levels and understanding the technical limitations and issues experienced by search engines is vital to SEO success.
•    The Technical component – this is the structure of the site and determines how effectively search engines can ‘crawl’ and index your content.
•    On-Page Optimization – this is the use of various elements such as keywords and HTML tags to increase traffic generated by search engines.
•    Off Page Optimization – this includes link building among other things

Are they REALLY SEO specialists?

The best way to make sure that the specialists you have found are in fact specialists is by searching for them with a few selected keywords in a number of search engines. These keywords could include their location, SEO specialist, Search Engine Marketing or any similar phrase of your choice. You can also check their most recent references and how effective the SEO results are for those sites.

Do they understand that SEO is only part of a marketing strategy?

Your website should be designed with a specific goal in mind, no matter how high it ranks in search engine results if it is unappealing, difficult to navigate or the content is essentially irrelevant to the product or service you are offering then potential clients will bounce away, or leave as quickly as they arrived.

Is your expert able to communicate their reasoning and instructions effectively?

Whether your SEO expert is an external agency or an employee they will need to interact with all the areas of your business which includes IT, marketing, customer service, analytics and sales as well as yourself. They need to be able to explain in easy to understand terms why they think a certain element should be changed, get their point across to whoever is handling the design and maintenance of your site as well as listen to the suggestions from every person involved in your business.

Does your expert strive to improve themselves or have they stagnated?

SEO is a world that is subject to frequent changes, search engines use new algorithms to control their crawlers and online marketing is constantly expanding. Make sure that you find yourself an expert who is constantly on the search for new techniques, new strategies and even better ways to improve your SEO results.

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