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In Online marketing op 17-08-2014

Social Media is the latest and greatest tool to be added to the online marketing box of tricks.
Although Social Media has been around for a while, Social Media Marketing is a relatively new concept and as such it largely unexplored territory. This is not stopping anyone from jumping on the bandwagon as they see it as a huge benefit to their business, and at the end of the day it is.

Choosing a Social Media Agency or a Social Media Specialist to handle all of your social media marketing is not a decision which should be made overnight. More and more often your social media profile is how people recognise you and identify your brand, if you have made a hasty choice which turns out to be a bad one it may be months before you discover it and even worse may be something from which your business is unable to recover.

Your Social Media Agency stays updated on current trends

You may divide your social media responsibilities among your staff, one person to handle your Twitter account, one person handling all of your Facebook advertising, someone to handle your Google+ account and so on. But a social media specialist will stay on top of the trends for all of these and will develop a cohesive social media campaign with a single voice which will strengthen your brand.

They will know which hashtags are getting the most exposure and how to use them to promote your content. They will promote all of your social media profiles through your website, your blog, your other social media accounts and every outlet that they have available to them. Social Media Marketing companies know that it is a fast moving world and they will make sure you stay ahead of the pack rather than falling by the wayside.

They understand your analytics

Your social media expert knows exactly what those technical terms such as virality, reach, RTs, click-throughs and +1s mean and will analyse every single number and graph in order to make sure that you are getting the best ROI possible from your social media. By monitoring your social media analytics they are able to see what is drawing audiences and what doesn’t work, they can tweak your campaign and make the necessary adjustments as the day goes by or the seasons change.

They have proven expertise offering social media services

Although a fairly new player in the marketing game, social media does have people that are highly qualified and really know what they are doing. Although there may be some confidentiality issues they should be able to provide references to other social media campaigns that they have worked on. Check their references, make sure that you like their style, evaluate how engaging their content was and then decide if they are the right fit for your company.

They understand just how important social media is

No matter what you feel about the subject there is no denying that having a social media marketing strategy will soon be a necessity rather than a luxury. A social media specialist understands that your social media is a core component of your entire marketing strategy and they are constantly working to drive traffic to your website or social media page.

He doesn’t just update your Facebook status or post random Tweets, instead they interact with your audience. Whether it is by combing through Facebook to find other pages with which you can network to build your fan base, and asking them to reciprocate or Tweeting about specific promotions and chatting with your followers on Google+, they are constantly involved in every aspect of your Social Media Campaign.

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