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To put it simply the term ezine is short for ‘electronic magazine.’ Sometimes referred to as an ejournal it is derived from the word magazine which is used to describe small press or personally distributed print media.
The earliest use of the term was used to describe a new kind of website that contained a stylized mixture of content (articles, pictures, poetry, fiction, and comment) conveyed in a way that exploited and celebrated the Web as a new information medium. Examples include Salon and HotWired.

Some digital magazine publishers saw ezines as an opportunity to reach an audience far more economically than was possible with print medium. As a result, hundreds of Web magazines were created, each devoted to a special cause, subject, or sensibility. This kind of ezine is roughly the cyberspace equivalent of the printed version and when printed out, is in fact, the equivalent.

The term is also used to describe any print magazine such as National Geographic or Newsweek that also has an electronic edition.

e-mail newsletters

The term also sometimes includes e-mail newsletters, of which there are thousands that can be subscribed to. Some of these refer to themselves as zines or ezines. This is the most common form of ezines today and is a tool used by just about every company in the world.

Constant communication with your customers is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. When you are in constant contact with your customers, they will remember you when it comes time to purchase a certain product or service which you offer. And when someone that they know asks where to get that same service or product they will be able to refer your company.

Your newsletter ezine which you send out via email can contain absolutely anything that you want it to and can be sent out as often as you would like. It is suggestible to keep to weekly or fortnightly editions though as this will keep you and your product fresh in the minds of your customers. And always send them on the same day so as to build expectation with your customers; if they never know when your ezine will arrive they may bypass it when scanning their emails.


Creating this ezine is relatively simple and there are a number of programs available which do all the hard work for you. Using a digital media agency like Xtra Digital, that can take care of this for you may be a slightly more expensive option but at the end of the day is far more practical. They are able to design custom newsletters which are unique to your company, they know how to layout the newsletter so that it is attractive and they know the rules governing what pictures or content you may and may not use.

Publishing an email newsletter gives you almost instantaneous expert status. When your ezines contain articles about a particular subject or that give tips in a certain area you are perceived as an expert in that area. However it is vitally important that these articles and guides are completely factual. The internet is a powerful tool and if you can’t back what you are saying with real, searchable facts then you will lose all credibility as fast as you built it.

Keeping in regular, consistent contact with your customers builds their trust in you. You are able to give your target audience an impression of your professionalism because they can rely on you to provide quality content and depend on the fact that it will always be relevant, factual and consistent.

Xtra Digital Agency developed the newest e-Magazine for Motodrive.

This newest interactive e-magazine is designed by Xtra Digital.  Readers like it, if you can believe the statistics. They spend 5-8 mintes to read all the 23 pages, watch the videos and follow the links to websites for more information. Follow this link and yo will be surprised.

Xtra has been developing a brand new interactive magazine for MotoDrive, the biggest motor & lifestyle magazine in the Benelux. This time with a challenge: With new mobile devices coming out every month, screen resolutions tend to vary a lot.  Online magazine MotoDrive


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