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In Online marketing op 23-10-2014

Xtra Digital is an Online Marketing Agency which offers a full range of Digital Media Services. A digital marketing agency was once known as an interactive agency and they were characterized by the offering of web design and web development services, search engine marketing, online advertising or marketing and ecommerce consulting.

They became influential in the marketing industry before traditional advertising agencies had realised the importance of and fully embraced the internet. Each of them offered a wide range of services and experienced rapid growth although just as many experienced negative growth due to them not staying on top of the rapidly changing trends experienced by online marketing.

Today those top digital agencies which have survived and flourished in the industry are defined as those which provide specialized advertising and marketing services for the digital space. Digital space is simply any multi-media enabled channel where content can be displayed, heard and understood. This means that internet, CD-ROMS, DVD’s, mobile phones, tablets, PSP’s and kiosks are all digital space.

When it comes to having a digital strategy, many companies do not understand what exactly it is or how to go about developing one. When defining and developing one on behalf of a client, digital agencies should make it clear to the client that a strategy follows structure, people and an idea. They should also explain that profit and ROI are outcomes rather than the actual strategy itself.

Developing a strategy involves the following

Planning and Assessment

  • Your brand equity needs to be assessed. This includes the following
  • Your presence – what is the online footprint of your brand/product/company
  • Your influence – is your message becoming or already a ‘brand’
  • Brand perception – what is the general emotional reaction to your brand
  • Your virality – has your content or message ‘gone viral’
  • Your resonance – do your current customers have some type of ‘bond’ to your brand
The planning comes in with the segmentation of your target market which will allow marketers to connect all customer touch points via social and identify what motivates the core consumers of a brand through multiple channels.

Creation and launching

This is where you will need to formulate your message which you can do by asking the following:

  • What am I trying to tell my customer?
  • Why does my target audience care about this?
  • What is their emotional reaction to my message?
  • How does this connect to their emotional needs?
  • How does my message incite action on behalf of my brand?
During creation you will have to ensure that you choose the correct platforms for the marketing of your brand. Factors which influence this include the age, geographic location and lifestyle of your audience. Questions to ask include:

  • How do my target audience and current customers seek information about products/brands/services?
  • Which social platforms do they prefer to use?
  • What is the purpose of the platforms that we have chosen?
  • How do these platforms affect our mobile strategy?
  • What makes me different from my competitors?
Create Key Performance Indicators for each channel, across all platforms in order to estimate the return per channel for your brand.

Engaging and cultivating
By building an engagement timeline you will be able to keep track of your marketing efforts across all of the channels you are leveraging in your marketing efforts. This calendar can be used as benchmarks for your digital strategy. Make sure your brand message is consistent across all of the channels that you are utilising. This will allow for a deeper connection from both current and future customers.

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