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In Online marketing op 28-10-2014

SEO services digital agency

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important tools in the creation of a digital marketing strategy. It is no longer good enough to have a beautiful website with relevant content, now you have to make sure that your website is findable by the search engines out there.


A good SEO campaign is not just about achieving good rankings in search engines anymore, instead it should drive traffic to a website from a number of sources be they social media, mobile or any other platform you may use.

The actual algorithms used by Google and other search engines are shrouded in mystery however this is the barometer by which the success of your content is measured. This has led to a cottage industry which is focused on figuring out how these algorithms may work and the sometimes ‘black hat’ techniques which make use of this knowledge in order to gain favourable rankings on search results pages.

The use of keywords within your content is the most obvious way to improve your SEO and has never really been a secret. However it is now quite common practice to research the search volume that key phrases relevant to your content receive. Including those which are most popular within your copy is a vitally important first step in creating SEO friendly content.

Do not overdo by using the keyword so often that your text reads unnaturally. This practice is known as keyword stuffing and actually has a negative effect on the ranking your page achieves on Google. Spread the keywords strategically throughout your article and make sure that there is a healthy balance of keyword density in order to promote your SEO.


Meta descriptions

Use a few of these keywords within the meta descriptions of your content in order to help readers quickly understand what the topic of your content is. A meta description is the brief summary of your content which is used by search engines to accompany the link to your page when displaying the results of a search.

The use of keywords in URL’s is another way to improve SEO. Having a URL which reflects your topic or focus allows the crawlers used by search engines to effectively gauge the relevance of your page. However if you use an irrelevant URL or one that is inaccurate this will have a negative effect on your rankings.

Using a key phrase such as ‘full service digital agency’ in the URL when the content is about the perils of fast food outlets is misleading and the misdirection will discredit your content causing it to rank badly.

By linking to any sources that you used when creating your content you can increase the relevance and value of your content is increased in the ‘eyes’ of search engine crawlers. Citing sources or linking to articles which offer further information or referring to accepted authorities in your field are all good ways to improve your SEO and will also increase the likelihood of your content being read and shared by your target audience.

At the end of the day it is the quality of your content which matters. While the use of keywords and links can improve your rankings, they are useless if the content you have written does not attract a reader’s attention or offer them any value. It would be like using a ten pound hammer when a screwdriver would suffice. The relevance of your content is the most important part of building SEO and when it is so well researched and written that other sites link to your content your rankings are improved a thousand fold.

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