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We are a digital design agency and we believe in the power of brands. We build and create brands because we believe in making things that seem bigger than they are. We distinguish between good and great by developing ‘smashing ideas’. We create powerful brand experiences across multiple digital platforms, reveal the unique features of a brand by developing a digital strategy and linking this to existing and new customers.

We specialize in retail, horeca, leisure and business to business. We like to use our 17 years of advertising and internet experience for new and other challenges. Xtra has it all; from full service advertising and internet agency to developing; advertising strategy, digital strategy, brand identy, concept developing, copy, design, web design, building websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, social media marketing and retail design for all kind of outlets.


The time brands only communicated with their target audiences through magazines, outdoor, radio and television is over. Xtra is familiar with all forms of digital and social media platforms. At social media platforms, the right target audience can be addressed quickly and measurable. Smart with the use of database marketing and through connecting customers to the brand with the use of social media through image, innovation and customer experience.


A brand is more than a logo. A brand must communicate where it stands for, what it can do for you. We translate this into a strong brand identity which is close to the target audience through authenticity, style and brand perception. We also look at the positioning and sales target. 


Tell a story about the brand. A story that can be told in parts. Xtra brings the story to life as TV commercials, online videos, through blogs, social media, web portals and online ads. With measurable results and clear call-to-actions that result in high conversions/ new leads, which leads to more sales.
The creative Xtra team is well trained in the traditional disciplines of branding and graphic design. But also in interactive design and user experience to be able to communicate with the modern consumer.

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