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Xtra is a full service internet agency which provides online marketing for numerous clients. Xtra develops online campaigns, provides online media advices, creates media plans and inserts ads on all forms of digital media. Media marketing is used for generating quickly traffic to your website. Our online media department offers the opportunity to advertise sucesfully online on the Google platform with Google Adwords, image advertisements and video.


Xtra offers display advertising on all major websites in the Benelux, digital advertising on social media with Facebook Ads and online advertising on LinkedIn. With the right selection of the target group, country, region or location, the right target audience can be  reached so that you can confront them with your business, product or service. Hereby, landing pages with measurable call-to-actions can be made for you. Because potential clients request prospects, we could compose a database of e-mail addresses.

Xtra makes sure that all campaigns are directly measurable through placing pixels on the landing  and ‘thank’ page so that there can be advertised extremely effective. 
Depending on the objectives, target group, and media budget, Xtra sets up an online media plan for online advertising to obtain more traffic, leads and sales. 
For a tailor-made campaign, contact Xtra Digital Agency.


Social advertising, advertising on social media, is growing. More and more clients consider those network sites as an important advertising channel. Of those network sites, especially Facebook is interesting.

It is by far the largest social media site of our country. It is the medium to present your product or service to a broad and selective target group. On Facebook, a target audience must be determined beforehand. Based on the available budget, as many users as possible out of the target group will be reached. Facebook offers a variety of advertising possibilities with extensive possibilities for targeting, interaction and for increasing the loyalty of the selected target group (standard advertisements, Page Post Ads, Promoted posts, Mobile Only Ads and sponsored search results).

Xtra provides a description of a selective target audience and provides the advertisements of various formats. The better the advertisements are adjusted to the various target groups, the more clicks you get at a lower cost. Facebook offers the opportunity to pay based per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM).


A lot of people can be reached with Facebook advertising, because Facebook has a lot of users. Those users do spend a lot of time on Facebook which makes it interesting to advertise on Facebook.


LinkedIn is the ideal social media channel to maintain professional contacts and to make new contacts. Target advertising is possible with LinkedIn. This results in a greater interest in your company by the right people. There are plenty advertising opportunities on LinkedIn. You can advertise with the use of Sponsored Updates, Display Advertising, Content Ads, LinkedIn SlideShare and Social Ads.
Contact Xtra Digital Agency for the use of all kinds of digital media; Google Adwords, Google Display Advertising on the web or on social media.

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