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Instagram Introduces new Feed

20/03/2016     Social media

Instagram Introduces Feed Algorithm to Show Best Posts First: The new Instagram algorithm shifts the order of photos and videos in your feed “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.”

Facebook marketing United Wineries


Xtra Digital Agency starts with facebook marketing of two world-famous wines from Spain; Berberana and Marqués de la Concordia . The new client, United Wineries is one of the leading independent international groups in today’s fast-developing global wine industry.

Facebook marketing United Wineries from Spain.
Facebook: New Page Plugin
Customers you care…

25/10/2014     Design

We as a digital agency found that making the sale is about far more than the products. Treating our customers better than the competitors in our business is an easy way to separate ourselves from the crowd.

According to a recent study, conducted by Accenture Global Consumer Pulse, 62% of global consumers switched service providers due to a poor customer service experience.

The Internet has put the power back into the hands of the consumer. Having easy access to a wide range of vendors offering similar services has greatly reduced switching cost. That’s why we decided to make customer service an ongoing priority for our clients. We adopted several policies that increased our customer care level.

Mobile is important for B2B

25/10/2014     Social media

According to a recent report on the behaviour of IT buyers conducted by IDG, 61% of B2B users will watch mobile videos relating to their work, while 57% will access work-related mobile content outside of business hours.

These figures show us the huge number of opportunities that mobile devices offer B2B marketers, both inside and outside of the working time-zone. But what is it that makes mobile such an opportune platform for B2B marketers?

New Vine camera