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Online spending crossed the line of 10 milliard Euros

28/03/2014     Leisure

Online spending crossed the line of 10 milliard Euros

The amount of online purchases rose in 2013 by 8.5 percent (compared to 2012) to 10.6 million euros. So, online shopping is still growing. The number of new online buyers increases less rapidly; especially the more experienced shoppers do buy more online. These data are coming from the ‘Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor 2013’, a study on online consumer spending.

Increasing number of online orders
Those growing sales are caused by the increasing number of online orders. Almost 100 million online orders were processed in 2013. This is an order increase of 11 percent, compared to 2012. The average number of online orders per consumer increased from 8 orders in 2012 to 9 orders in 2013.

Toys and Music
10.8 million Dutch people made an online purchase in 2013. This is a rise of 2 percent compared to 2012. This sales growth is primarily caused by the online sales of toys, clothing and tablets. The sales of toys increased the fastest (27 percent), the sales of music increased with 19 percent compared to 2012.

Further growth in 2014
It is expected that the online market will continue to grow in 2014, due to the increasing consumer confidence and the recovering economy. It is expected that online purchases will rise to almost 12 million in 2014, representing an increase of 9 to 10 percent. It is also expected that this growth will come from the existing online buyers, who are going to buy more online more often.


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