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2015: More digital shops than physical shops

02/05/2014     Leisure

2015: More digital shops than physical shops

The number of Dutch webshops is growing explosively. The number of Dutch webshops has increased by 31% in 2013 to 59.230. Research of Casengo shows that in 2015, there will be more online stores than physical stores.

The products that are sold the most online are clothes, jewelry, wine, toys and shoes. Most online stores are located in the major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.  Remarkably is that the provinces with the largest unemployment do have relatively speaking the most online shops.

Social Media

The dutch webshops make massive use of social media: 4 out of 5 webshops do have a Facebook Page. Facebook is mainly used for brand promotion, community building and customer support. Only a few webshop owners do check their Facebook Page for each notification, which could  result in forgetting to react to Facebook posts of potential or existing customers.


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