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Most online spendings in the Benelux with iPad and iPhone

16/05/2014     Leisure

Most online spendings in the Benelux with iPad and iPhone

Most purchases in the Benelux are done using an iPad or iPhone (Zanox Mobile Performance Barometer 2013). The revenue of online sales increased in 2013 with 14 percent compared to 2014. The number of transactions has also grown in 2013.

There is still a battle going on between Apple’s iOS and Android. The iOS operating system dominates in the European m-commerce with an average market share of 62 percent. Android has a market share of 35 percent. The market share of iOS is even greater in the Benelux; 64 percent against 32 percent for Android.

The European market share for iPads and iPhones slightly decreased in 2013. This is in contrast to Android, which market share increased with 7 percent. However, the average online spending in 2013 were significantly higher for the iPad and iPhone users than for the Android users. The average online spending per order in 2013 was 78 euros for the iPad, 52 euros for the iPhone and 42 euros for Android. The average expenditure on  mobile devices is still increasing; the average expenditure per order on the iPad counted 88 euros in the first quarter of this year.

Although the number of mobile purchases is still increasing, the growth in Europe strongly differs by industry. The turnover of online sales increased with 185 percent in the Travel industry, the turnover of the Financial Services increased with 162 percent and the sales of the Retail and Shopping industry increased with 81 percent. The Telecom industry experienced with a growth of 290 percent the largest sales increase in 2013, followed by Travel with 210 percent growth. The Eastern European m-commerce is the fastest growing m-commerce, with a growth rate of 331 percent in the Retail & Shopping segment.  


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