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Mobile is important for B2B Marketing

25/10/2014     Social media

According to a recent report on the behaviour of IT buyers conducted by IDG, 61% of B2B users will watch mobile videos relating to their work, while 57% will access work-related mobile content outside of business hours.

These figures show us the huge number of opportunities that mobile devices offer B2B marketers, both inside and outside of the working time-zone. But what is it that makes mobile such an opportune platform for B2B marketers?

You can be everywhere your audience is, at any time.
Just like consumers, B2B users access brands and businesses at various contact points through mobile technologies that are predominantly portable, somewhat nullifying the strengths of location-based services.

While this may strike businesses as more of a con than a pro, mobile technologies ultimately make target audiences much more accessible.

Mobile Marketing is very much an extension of the Online Marketing process and the same principles of Online Marketing apply for Mobile in a B2B environment, with regards the influence of time.

The barriers of time are pushed aside with Mobile Marketing, as it becomes possible for B2B users to access content at any time, adding to the overall accessibility of Mobile as a tool for B2B Marketing.


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