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Facebook marketing United Wineries from Spain.


Facebook marketing United Wineries from Spain.

Xtra Digital Agency starts with facebook marketing of two world-famous wines from Spain; Berberana and Marqués de la Concordia . The new client, United Wineries is one of the leading independent international groups in today’s fast-developing global wine industry.

As a specialist wine group, their main focus is not to own hard assets, but building up global brands with global distribution in the increasingly global premium wine market.

One of the brands, Berberana, was founded in 1877 by Don Miguel Martinez Berberana. Miguel’s aim was simple, to provide excellent quality and innovative range of wines at an affordable price. Today, more than 130 years later, Berberana is the No.1 selling Spanish wine brand by volume of sales worldwide.

Marqués de la Concordia is the result of a blend between New World innovation, technology in winemaking and the best traditions and know-how in Spain.
Marqués de la Concordia brings together the best of two worlds. New World style wine making and Old World terroir. The result is an award winning family of wines from the finest wine regions of Spain including Rioja, Arribés del Duero and Rueda.